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We specialize in developing innovative projects by combining advance IT technologies. Our solutions are being designed for multiple markets worldwide with millions of users in mind.

VR and AR

We develop applications powered by two independent technologies: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Our applications have a wide variety of uses and are fully compatible with the VR systems Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear.


We have developed a complete streaming platform for all those who want to initiate or engage in chat-video transmissions. The platform enables you to reach a broad group of recipients, make settlements with and service customers, and ask for professional assistance, if needed. Our product allows for providing and using top-quality services without leaving home.


It is our proprietary data exchange platform compatible with all sorts of content: images, files, videos, and others. Using it dramatically improves a company’s internal and external communication, whereas the ability to store data in a single place – without the need to create multiple file servers – streamlines administration and has a positive impact on the company’s operations.


We have built from scratch a system for financing social projects.

Our crowdfunding application helps successfully raise funds for different social and business undertakings. It enables fundraising for any project defined in the application. The system uses advanced features of Marketing Automation tools.


We have developed an algorithm for analysing large volumes of data and allowing for applying many filtering criteria. This allows for receiving very precise answers to different, often complex questions. With our application you can easily define a group of Internet users you want to reach.


See&Buy is a complete tool for managing viewer interaction without interfering with the TV signal and without costly integration with the broadcaster’s systems. With See&Buy you will easily locate the places of such occurrences in a TV show as well as related products.


We focus on innovation. We continuously develop innovative solutions, patent inventions, and deploy them for production. We have access to state-of-the-art labs and prototyping facilities. We have the best equipment and sophisticated software which allow for using reverse engineering (digitizers) and rapid prototyping (3D printing).


We develop algorithms that learn from our habits. We enable smartphone, tablet and computer applications to predict what we want at a given time and perform some of the work for us rather than ask us about it.


Our specialized and talented team will help you win potential customers by publishing attractive content addressed to a clearly defined group of text recipients. It is one of the best and most effective channels for lead generation, building brand awareness, and winning new users.

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